Watch this exciting webinar where we will explore how blockchain is being used to digitally transform healthcare. 

Healthcare organizations today are focused on digital transformation to streamline and optimize work, improve patient outcomes, reduce human error and lower costs.  We’ll explore how healthcare’s complex, data-intensive processes can be transformed into secure, automated processes that eliminate silos and foster interoperability using blockchain solutions from Kaleido and AWS.  Diagnotes, a leader in healthcare collaboration platforms will also share how they are applying blockchain to transform healthcare communications.

You'll learn:

- Current Healthcare trends
- How industry leaders are applying blockchain to digitally transform healthcare
- AWS services for healthcare solutions
- Client Story:  How Diagnotes is using Kaleido to bring data integrity to healthcare communications

Duration: 45 Min Discussion + Q&A

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Sophia Round Headshot 2

Sophia Lopez, Founder & COO, Kaleido

Heather Flannery

Heather Flannery, Founder & CEO, ConsenSys Health

Lana headshot2

Lana Kalashnyk, Blockchain Partner Technology Lead, PSA, AWS


Jamie Kurtz, Chief Technology Officer, Diagnotes Inc