An introduction to Kaleido's SaaS Enterprise Blockchain Platform

The Kaleido Blockchain Platform eliminates the hurdles and complexity associated with enterprise-grade deployments.  In a matter of minutes you can register your business organization and spin up a private environment configured to your exact needs.  Join this monthly demo to get an overview of Kaleido and see how easy it is to get up and running.

We will cover the basics of the Kaleido Platform, including:

  • > Understand business network architecture as it relates to cloud providers, deployment regions, organizational identity and network governance
  • > High level look at some of the many components that go into a full-stack blockchain solution
  • > Wrap your head around nodes and consensus algorithms and even basic transaction submission

We look forward to showing you the power and simplicity of Kaleido's Blockchain Business Cloud. Questions welcome!

Monthly, typically last or first Wednesday
12pm - 1pm ET (30 minute demo + Q&A)
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Host:  Nick Gaski, Customer Success Manager