Kaleido Helps Modernize and Transform Global Trade Finance 

Comprised of 15 of the world’s largest institutions spanning global banks, trading companies, and oil giants, komgo is transforming trade financing from an antiquated and risk-prone paper-based system to a fully digitized, secure, and frictionless experience on a blockchain solution that runs on Kaleido. 

Problem Overview

The trade finance industry’s inability to standardize and digitize its system of record-tracking has plagued the industry for years, creating significant issues⁠— fraud, security vulnerabilities, and inefficient payment methods.

Solution Overview

komgo created a private, shared blockchain business network using Kaleido. The secure, fully digital platform allows only authorized parties to share and store data, perform auditable transactions, and communicate quickly, ultimately reducing steps and lowering risk across their operations. 

Read the full case study to find out:

  • How komgo optimized financing processes and saves on operating costs
  • Why a private, shared blockchain network on Enterprise Ethereum was the right choice
  • How Kaleido accelerated the path to production blockchain
  • Learn about multiple use cases in production (letters of credit, KYC and others)
  • Quantifiable business results komgo has already achieved using Kaleido