Helping Brands Connect Directly with Shoppers Using Kaleido

Greenfence Consumer offers a mobile-centric platform for brands to connect directly with vendors, distributors, and customers. Their goal is to help brands drive increasing connection, trust, visibility, and action through blockchain-based targeted marketing programs.

Greenfence-casestudy-coverProblem Overview

Traditionally, brands must deal with complexity, uncertainty, and a lack of visibility when trying to connect with consumers. Greenfence Consumer seeks to change the way brands and consumers interact.

Solution Overview

Greenfence Consumer chose to use the Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud, running on AWS. Today, Greenfence runs two private chains on Kaleido, known as OFR (derived from offers) and GFT (Governance and Foundational Trust). These chains are split between coupon and rebate products (the OFR chain) and digital collectible products (the GFT chain).

Read the full case study to find out:

  • > How blockchain can help global brands like T-Mobile, Sony, and Kroger drive a new approach to digital marketing using blockchain.
  • > Why a private blockchain network using Kaleido was the right choice
  • > How Kaleido accelerated the path to production 
  • > How Greenfence Consumer has scaled the solution easily with Kaleido to meet campaign demand.
  • > Quantifiable business results Greenfence Consumer has already achieved using Kaleido