Blockchain Promises to Transform Trade & Finance

Blockchain enables profound changes to the mature industries of banking and finance by driving efficiencies, increasing trust, reducing fraud, and easing the burden of compliance. It promises to create immense opportunity for those who seize it.

Discover how Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud helps banks and financial institutions innovate through efficient cross-border payments, streamlined trade finance processes, transparency for compliance mandates and much more. 



souleima"Komgo is a live blockchain network that is used by the banks financing the commodity industry. On this network, you can exchange any kind of data and document in a safe, secure and efficient way."

Souleïma Baddi

CEO, komgo



Cross-Border Payments

Eliminate the need for intermediaries, drastically reducing settlement time of cross-border transactions from days to seconds, reducing costs and risks. Issues such as transparency and traceability of international transfers can also be resolved thanks to blockchain.



Modernizing Trade Finance

The trade finance industry has been using an ineffective, antiquated paper-based system that is often prone to significant issues. A shared blockchain network that serves as a secure, fully-digital platform for only authorized parties optimizes operational procedures and transforms business operations. 


P&C Insurance Claim Processing

Automate claims processing and securely facilitate claims management for property and casualty (P&C) insurers. Enterprise Ethereum smart contracts reduce the likelihood of fraudulent claims and speed up insurance claim assessments through historical data.


Syndicated Loans

Simplify and speed up the process of completing syndicated loans by automating syndicate formation, underwriting, and fund distribution. As a result of faster loan issuance times, you enhance your customer experience and decrease operation costs. 


Serving the Unbanked

The World Bank estimated a revenue of $380Bn generated by banks by 2020 within emerging markets from unbanked population. Blockchain supports smart contract deployments and provides digital identity to individuals, granting bank accounts for the unbanked and expanding global capital markets.


Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC data capture and management is expensive and cumbersome. Blockchain offers shared KYC records across parallel systems which reduces the time and cost associated with KYC processes, provides greater visibility for regulators/ auditing, and enhances the customer experience.


Why Financial Institutions Choose Kaleido's Blockchain Business Cloud

Unrivaled tokenization technology

Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud is the only enterprise-grade blockchain platform that offers a complete toolkit of digital asset tokenization and smart contract technology to help banks and financial institutions exchange value in a real-time, secure, and frictionless manner. Discover our tokenization solutions. 

Enhanced security and privacy

We employ permission-based consensus algorithms with support for confidential transactions, as well as industry-critical  technologies such as App2App Messaging, and private key encryption techniques to minimize risks and ensure the highest security and privacy standards of banks and financial institutions. Learn more about our security and privacy solutions.

Fast deployment and easy integration

Banks and financial institutions reach production faster by creating and customizing their private chains with click-button simplicity, integrating with business-critical back-office systems via modern Rest APIs, and tapping into the plug-and-play Kaleido Blockchain Marketplace. See how to build your blockchain within minutes.

Komgo uses Kaleido Blockchain to reinvent trade finance, increasing gains in cash flow by 30 – 40%

Moving into production in just 4 months and backed by fifteen of the world’s largest institutions, Komgo streamlines trade financing with an open platform to securely exchange data and transaction records across a diverse, global business network.

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UnionBank provides financial inclusion for millions of unbanked Filipinos

Project i2i’s payment network drives financial inclusion in the Philippines through a “Bank-in-a-Box” platform offering rural banks more accessible and more efficient domestic transactions.

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